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Cleaning with Water Pump

Hard Surface Cleaning

Environmentally safe, sterilising  

pressurised hot water only.

No nasty acids or chlorine.

Car parks, walk ways,  driveways, loading docks, paths,  walls, stairwells, tennis courts and even bathroom facilities. 

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old couple

Independent Living

Our service helps to keep apartment living accessible for seniors, disabled and reduced-mobility people. Putting the bins out can present a weekly challenge for those tenants. The physical toll of bin day is an obstacle that can discourage people who wish to remain living in their apartment.


TidyBins put the bins out and in so that tenants, do not have to take on this physical burden themselves. We are committed to help all residents live independently for as long as possible.

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Your Wheelie Bins/ Bulk Bins will be out for collection on time and back in ASAP.

TidyBins services is: 

  • Perfect for busy people, seniors and less mobile residents

  • Absolutely reliable 

  • Completely worry-free

  • Terrific value

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We clean both wheelie bins and bulk bins, so regardless of your particular situation we have a solution for you.


Our environmentally-safe, powerful  germicidal deodorizer will leave your bins hygienically clean and looking and smelling spotless.

We bring our own water to site

and dispose of wastewater at a

DES approved facility.




We will attend your bin room and rotate the bulk bins beneath the chute. Bulk bins will be placed out for collection and brought back in A.S.A.P. 

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Apartment Building



TidyBins has been servicing Brisbane Bodies Corporate since 2007.

During the last 13 years TidyBins have partnered with more than 40 Strata Title Management companies, to satisfy their clients bin requirements.

Be it residential, commercial of government properties, our experience ensures all your bin management issues are solved and comply with BCC rules and regulations surrounding cleanliness and street placement etc.

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