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A trusted local business for over 10 years

TidyBins is Brisbane’s first dedicated

bins-out-and-in service.

Taking the bins out and putting them away is a stressor for people living in apartments – particularly elderly and disabled residents. We established TidyBins in 2007 to perform this service on behalf of residents and to take the hassle out of apartment living.

From these beginnings, TidyBins has grown to service apartment blocks across Brisbane, fostering relationships with building body corporates from St Lucia to Hendra.

We’re a tight-knit team committed to providing satisfying service with a smile. Get in touch and experience what we can do for you today!


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TidyBins provides an easy, no fuss solution to bin management. Being an apartment building with 17 units, we previously had issues with residents taking out and bringing in bins. However once we engaged TidyBins in 2016 those issues were resolved and our residents are extremely happy with the service.

Kurt Svensson

Body Corp Chair, Bel-Air

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